Classic craftsmanship, modern services. These are the characteristics of Delade. Interiors that are correct from the first sketch to completion. A living space where life is good. A space that inspires, relaxes and motivates. Delade is the interior builder who designs, produces, assembles and maintains an interior all in-house. We offer one point of contact from initial idea to maintenance.

The customer’s dream is a challenge for an interior builder. This means that Delade will listen and will materialize your dreams. From start to finish. With committed and enthusiastic professionals who understand quality and service.

Interior for Business

You prefer to work, sleep, meet and relax under the most ideal conditions. Delade creates attractive, practical interiors for the business market. Customization in which users feel at home and where specific wishes have been translated into a working environment where people can function optimally.


Translating the idea of an architect into an interior, it’s both a challenge and inspiration for all parties involved. As a project designer, Delade often works with architects. From large renowned agencies to innovative independent interior architects. The appreciation for each other’s craftsmanship and creativity ensures beautiful and unique results. Ultimately, the process from design to delivery becomes a logical and flawless process, in the interest of the client.

Originality, craftsmanship and sustainability are the main focus points of Delade. An architect sets the bar high, and so do we. A high sense of quality, knowledge of the most modern techniques, with an eye for sustainable processes and use of materials. Functionality and aesthetics meet in a well-designed interior.

Individual clients

Feel at home in a distinctive interior that breathes style and design. A home that fits like a tailor-made suit. A good interior is the ultimate home feeling. The result of listening, inspiring and connecting all wishes creatively.

Delade designs and builds dreams. With smart and creative solutions, innovative and sustainable materials. Old-fashioned quality, competitive rates and punctual implementation. All disciplines in-house, so we make your dream come true without hassle.

Restaurant & catering establishment

Restaurants and catering establishments want to surprise, inspire and pamper their guests. Stylish or cozy: a good interior is the business card of the company. It must fit seamlessly with the ideas of the entrepreneur or the architect. Through her experiences, Delade can translate a business plan, from wild dreams or rough sketches, into interiors to be implemented. Whether it is for a bar, restaurant, hotel or leisure concepts.

All is in-house: from design to realization. From product to corporate identity, down to the smallest details. With 20 years of experience in the design of hospitality, Delade knows what to do with every wish: cozy, solid, sensational, sustainable and innovative.

Health Care

Interior construction for healthcare institutions (cure and care) is all about quality, safety and hygiene. They often have to meet strict requirements. But that does not mean that every healthcare institution must also have a clinical, cold and functional appearance. After all, it is about the people who need this care. We believe that a warm, stylish and functional appearance fits in with atmosphere and experience. Delade designs and develops patient-friendly interiors where people and care have the main focus. In our portfolio you will see a number of projects where we have been able to combine care and our own style in a beautiful way.

Educational institutions

Most school projects are designed by architects. Based on the drawings, we look for the most suitable materials, taking into account the type of use and the target group that uses it. Where possible, we opt for sustainable materials.