Delade Interieur

We’ve got everything under one roof so we can offer custom work, provide practical solutions and the best craftsmanship.
We combine craft, innovation, creativity and sustainability.
Delade: a renowned name for many years.

Customization in interiors

From sketch to delivery – we make your dreams come true: with custom interiors for offices, care, schools, catering or private individuals. We think along with you, relieve you in the process so that you can enjoy in an environment where you feel at home.

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Specialized in ship interiors

A maritime interior requires a lot of creativity: within a limited space, we are able to realize as many functions as possible with attention to the smallest details.

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Craft and en innovation

We combine craft, innovation, creativity and sustainability.
We create the most unique and special solutions with the latest techniques and in mutual cooperation.

Delade is a real family business, you can feel this in our way of cooperation, atmosphere and openness.

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