Ship interior

The experience on board, from functional and space-saving to comfortable and luxurious. The maritime interior requires a skilled eye, with knowledge of opportunities and limitations.

Delade has been supplying interiors for various branches of shipping for many years. We offer in-house design, development and manufacturing. For cruise ships (seagoing and river cruises), offshore and passenger shipping.

High standards

You don’t just become a specialist in ship interiors. The international standard is high. That means that you have to understand your craftsmanship, keep up with trends and use sustainable materials. Delivering quality, meeting agreements and performing: even if it is on the other side of the world.

Ultimate customization

Clients are shipping companies, shipyards, companies and individuals. Their dream and their passion drives us to deliver the ultimate customization. From total design to the smallest detail, from a beautiful cabin to a complete interior of a cruise ship. Made by professionals with a lot of knowledge.

One point of contact

Clients in the maritime world like short lines and a single point of contact. Delade can easily provide that as we have everything under one roof: from design to realization and  maintenance. Also the manufacture of furniture and upholstery: everything is done within the same walls. With professionals with years of experience, who are willing to go to great lengths for a satisfied customer.

Restoration & maintenance

A new interior can make an old ship a feast for the eyes. A second life for ships, by refurbishing the interior or superstructure, renovating or even restoring it. We do not think in limitations but in possibilities. Modernizing or cherishing history, everything is possible.

Professional maintenance determines the life of an interior. Ship interiors suffer during all trips. Delade Maritiem ensures that interiors remain in top condition for decades with craftsmanship and an eye for detail. Cared for, functional and safe, but also retaining value. Delade will act on demand or we will enter into a long-term commitment with you.